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As a 20+ year licensed loan officer, I am dedicated to finding the absolute best financial solution for your particular mortgage circumstances. It is essential that you work with a mortgage professional who cares, who will take the time to listen to your real estate and financial objectives and who will advise you in a fast, friendly and easily understood manner. When you make the important decision to purchase or re-finance your home I am committed making the extra effort so all your needs are met. As an expert in VA, FHA, USDA, all government and all conventional loans I will find you the absolute best fit for your real estate needs and financial plans. Also, as an investment property owner I am uniquely qualified to advise you in investment property loans. I am available to meet at one of our six offices in Metro Detroit or at your home if more convenient. A resident of New Baltimore since 2002 I am an enthusiastic eastsider who enjoys boating and cooking with my wife of 30 years.

About Richard Michaels

My competitive nature drives me to performing for my clients at the highest level. I believe my service commitment does not end at the closing, but carries through while I am still blessed enough to be in the industry I love.

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