The One That Is Meant To Be Will Be

Dated: 10/24/2017

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A new home search can be a stressful, joyous and/or nervous experience for anyone. You think you've found that perfect home and it slips away.. However, you need to remember that everything happens for a reason and that just wasn't the right home for You! Your home is out there waiting, and you will see... everything will align and the process will be smooth and somewhat painless. You shouldn't have to force a closing, there is a reason things are coming up along the way and making it difficult to move forward. 

There are some things that you should be asking yourself.. Some will be obvious and others will be things that you ultimately discover once you've settled into your new home. If you can try to look out for your future self, you maybe able to avoid some home purchasing mistakes others have made.

  • You have your pre-approval amount from your lender and you have provided that to your Agent, however have you asked yourself what the amount per month you would be comfortable paying including your mortgage payment and other expenses. 

  • What size home (square footage) are you comfortable with maintaining?

    • Do you want to deal with stairs? 

      • Single level (ranch)

      • Bi-level (colonial or split level)

      • Tri-level

  • How many bedrooms does your family need to live comfortably? 

    • Where do you prefer all bedrooms to be?

      • Main level/ floor.

      • All upstairs.

      • One on main floor and others on 2nd level.

    • Do you want a home that has the option to expand living space in the basement? 

      • Egress window OR Walk out basement.

  • How many bathrooms does your family need to live comfortably? 

    • Do you want/ need a master en-suite?

    • Full bathroom or half bath on main floor?

      • Option to expand to add a bathroom in the basement (if applicable)? 

  • Do you want to be in an established neighborhood or in a more rural setting? 

    • How much yard work or outside maintenance are you comfortable with doing?

    • If in a rural setting, would you prefer to have a paved street or are you good with a dirt road?

      • If there is an existing pond/ pool are you opposed to maintenance? 

  • How many updates/ upgrades are you willing to do within the first year of home ownership? 

  • What is the amount of time you are comfortable with commuting to work, school or family?

  •  Is there an association that you would need to pay into every month, 6 months or year?

    • Are there any rules that would prevent you from making changes to your homes exterior or adding a fence?  

Once you've been able to answer these questions, you are ready to set up your listing appointments with your Agent. There is no reason to see homes that do not fit within your preferred criteria, it will be a waste of both your and your Agent's time because majority of those homes will not meet your needs. While your Agent would love to sell that home for you in a few years because it's not the right fit, that's not what the ultimate goal of purchasing your new home should be. While this home will most likely not be your forever home, it should still be somewhere you can live comfortably when unexpected changes happen to your family/ life in the future.

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